Before starting with prevention strategies, it is crucial to mention that type 1 diabetes nfortunately cannot be prevented at the moment and prevention strictly targets a great percentage of type 2 diabetes .

Although type 2 diabetes has a strong genetic linkage, it can be intensely prevented through some modifiable risk factors including: obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol abuse and a less than healthy diet.

The natural history of type 2 diabetes involves a condition called “Prediabetes" defined as a blood glucose level above normal ranges but below the diagnostic levels for diabetes.

Many studies evaluated the possibility of preventing the onset of diabetes in high risk populations (people with “prediabetes”).
Two main ways:

 Weight Loss of 7% of body weight


Increasing physical activity to at least 150 min/week of moderate activity such as walking


The success of this lifestyle approach relies, among other factors, on follow-up counseling by the healthcare team.
Medication is also to be considered in prediabetes.

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